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When trees are not taken care of properly, they may become sick and begin dying. Signs of tree decay include: brown or abnormally colored leaves, peeling or missing bark, dead branches, a lot of insects on or around the tree, a thin canopy, fungal growth, or mushrooms on or at the base of the tree. If you see any of these symptoms or just want to take precautionary measures, give us a call. One of our certified arborists will be happy to give an assessment for your tree. If he finds issues, he will come up with a comprehensible treatment plan. This plan will either involve preventing further sickness and replenishing the tree’s health, or involve a plan to remove the tree. Our arborists’ first priority when doing an inspection is to figure out if you even need our services. Integrity is the cornerstone of our company, so you can rest assured knowing we won’t charge you a dime more than necessary.

Scroll down to see treatment options or potential issues your tree may be facing today in further detail.

 Fertilizer Champaign IL

Most of the time, the nutrients found in your tree’s soil are not sufficient enough to properly sustain its longterm health. This is where we can come in. We can provide the proper nutrients trees in the midwest need. Without these essential nutrients, tree will deteriorate. Branches remaining the same length throughout all the different seasons is a good indicator a tree is not receiving the proper amount of nutrients. Call us today and ask about our tree health services.

Emerald Ash Borer Champaign IL

The emerald ash borer is the most deadly pest to trees within North America. You can identify one by its dark green color and half inch length. Since its discovery, they have killed hundreds of millions of ash trees in North America alone. Female Emerald Ash Borers lay eggs under the bark in ash trees. When the eggs hatch, the larvae eat through the inside of the tree, harming vital vascular systems the tree needs to survive. This inhibits the tree’s ability to photosynthesis, grow, and receive water from its roots. Not only does this deteriorate the tree’s health, it also damages its structural integrity. This puts people and property around the tree in harms way. The treatment plan for a tree infested with emerald ash borers involves a chemical treatment.  Either by injection in the roots or a spray. Our experts can inform you which is the best suited treatment option based on their analysis. Even after removing the tree, if the leftovers will be used for firewood, we must wait two years before storing the contaminated wood next to wood untouched by emerald ash borers. This is so any borers still embedded can die out and not spread to other wood. Signs of emerald ash borers in your tree involve canopy deterioration, woodpecker feeding, or D-shaped holes (about 1/8 inch in diameter)

Dutch Elm Disease Prevention Champaign IL

This disease is spread when sac fungi transfers from an infected tree to healthy healthy tree. This transfer is facilitated by elm bark beetles carrying the fungi, roots of an infected tree touching a healthy tree, or contaminated tree tools. When the healthy tree becomes infected, the fungi blocks water from properly circulating, causing the tree to wilt and die. Treatment options vary based on the severity of the infection. Signs of the Dutch elm disease may include wilting leaves or dark streaks in the tree branches. You may confuse yellow or brown leaves forming in late summer or early fall as premature fall coloring, but it may also be due to symptoms of the Dutch elm disease. If the tree is newly infected, you may have to cut deep into the tree to check for dark streaks. Give us a call and we can lay your worries to rest.

Tree Inspection Champaign IL

 Don’t panic when I say this, but there are over a hundred species in the Champaign-Urbana area that can pose a threat to your trees. Although many species can be harmful to trees, there are also many that are actually beneficial to your trees’ health. This is why you need an experts opinion. Our arborists can remove the species that are hurting your trees and preserve the ones that are helping your trees. 

If you have the slightest suspicion something might be up with your trees, don’t hesitate to give us a call. The sooner you schedule an inspection, the greater chance you have to save your trees (and your pockets).


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