Emergency Tree Service Champaign IL

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Emergency Tree Service Champaign IL

When adverse weather damages your property, peace of mind is only one call away. Along with offering professional tree care in Champaign IL, we also offer top notch disaster clean-up services. We will remove any hanging branches, fallen branches, and all other forms of related debris. When disaster strikes, not only is a mess left behind, but your property also becomes a major liability issue. We will ensure that you have all the necessary insurance documents to file a claim by documenting our clean-up service every step of the way. Insurance companies want you to act quickly to avoid further damage or safety hazards, so do not be concerned when an insurance adjuster is not present before our work starts. Your insurance company will be very pleased when they see how fast we acted and how well we documented all the relevant information they need. If you reach us quick enough, we may be able to salvage your tree. You would be surprised how even the most damaged trees can be saved. If even half of the tree’s canopy is destroyed, we may still be able to nurse the tree back to health. Our experienced arborists will give an analysis of your property’s damage a plan the proper course of action.​

Storm Damage Clean-Up Champaign IL

One of the most common reasons for needing our clean-up service is from storm damage. Even if tree’s on your property are healthy, they can still be damaged or fall due to strong winds and rain. Soggy ground around trees may result in roots rising and cause the tree to fall or become unstable. Lightning also commonly splits trees and branches. These wounds are usually obvious, but your property should always have a thorough analysis after storms. Some damages are not visible to people without the extensive knowledge or tools our arborists have. Call us today for a qualified arborists to check for damages or make sure your tree isn’t on the verge of collapse. 


Debris Removal Champaign IL 

In the aftermath of an adverse weather event, some trees or branches may be broken but not on the ground. These should be removed immediately and are obviously a safety hazard. Not only should hanging branches be removed as quickly as possible, but fallen trees or branches can also cause longterm damage to your property if fast action is not taken. Wood begins to rot faster than you think, this dead wood will attract insects and diseases onto your property. We can prevent this the sooner you call our tree service.

Why Choose Us?

 There are many tree care services Champaign IL can offer, so why choose us for disaster clean-up? 
Well the first thing you should look for in any project as important as this one is experience. For any tree job, experience is important. A bad pruning job from an inexperienced arborists can ruin a tree’s health for life. But when it comes to disaster clean-up, experience is even more important. More often than you could imagine, after storms, healthy trees are commonly removed while the at-risk trees are left standing. Not only will an inexperienced arborists not remove trees that need to be removed, they will also damage healthy trees still standing. An arborists needs to know the correct way to cut around damaged limbs while not causing additional damage to the tree. This takes years to get good at and even more years to master. Rest assured our arborists are masters at their craft

Not only are our arborists armed with experience, they also have professional tools at their disposal. Tree care mastery combined with advanced technology is the recipe for a job well done. We can access hard to reach areas on your tree and use our precision tools to treat them. All of these things will be paired with our availability and tireless work ethic. When you call a tree service, you need them to commit long hours to make sure the work is done right. We will pool all the necessary resources for the job, and do what it takes to get it done.


Lets hear from some of our customers…

“Great experience getting a large tree removed from our front yard. Would recommend them to anyone!!”

Sara Weintraub

“Very satisfied with the job, the workers were on time and very professional.”

Jennifer Fox

“The crew were artists with how they handled our trees. I don’t think they’ve ever looked this great”

John Krolick
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