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It is only natural that a tree on your property will have to be cut down at some point. Whether it is due to old age or adverse weather, we are on the call to bring it down safely. But for us, the job isn’t done until your property is completely clear of any eye sores or nuisances. A left over stump not only unnecessarily takes up space, it also can lead to more serious issues if taken care of quickly. A rotting stump will attract insects and disease, contaminating your property. This can potentially lead into unwanted pests invading your home. Sometime it’s important to get to the roots of a newly cut stump since they may continue to grow. These growing roots could damage surrounding pipelines or surface structures around them. An unsuspecting passerby can injure themselves by tripping over the stump or roots that rise above topsoil. A remaining stump also deteriorates the aesthetic appeal of your property. Not to mention the hassle of trying to mow your yard with a stump present. Stumps also invite fungus and weeds to spread through your property,

The process to remove a stump seems like a headache, but not with our company. We are easy to work with and known for our professionalism. To remove the stump, we will use a stump grinder, a machine that breaks up the stump and its roots into small pieces. How this tool is utilized varies, so we can design a custom tailored plan based on your vision of your property. Depending on the size of the stump, we may just use a chainsaw and shovels. The stump grinder comes in multiple sizes to take on any size stump and are each designed to fit through tight spaces such as a gate, so we can tackle any job, no matter how impossible it seems. To completely clear up space where the stump is located, we will do a deep grinding job. This entirely removes the obstacle and you will forget it was even there. If you wanted to plant another tree in the same location, we would usually recommend a shallower grind job. We will then sod the stump and assist its growth. You can either come to us to maintain its growth, or our friendly arborists can instruct you on the correct procedures. Both of these stump grinding forms can be done relatively quickly by our efficient arborists.

Why Choose Us?

 There are many tree care services Champaign IL can offer, so why choose us for stump removal? 
As with any service dealing with the quality of your property, you need a company with experience. Your property is your way of life, and I guarantee our company to treat the job no different than if they were working on their own property. When it comes to a procedure as delicate as this, experience is essential. A bad grinding job can make you wish you had three more stumps instead of calling an inexperienced arborist. Not only will an inexperienced arborists make your yard uglier, they may also do some serious damage to its health. An arborists needs to know the correct way to cut a stump so vegetation around it, and over it if required, can thrive. 
Not only are our arborists extremely educated, they also have the most technologically advanced instruments at the ready. We use the latests tools fine engineering has provided us. Your stump will be removed as quickly and accurately as possible. All of these things will be paired with our professionalism. When you schedule a tree service appointment, you expect the workers to show up on time. We will not fail your expectations. Our arborists will take care of the job as quickly as possible, not wasting your precious time.


Lets hear from some of our customers…

“Great experience getting a large tree removed from our front yard. Would recommend them to anyone!!”

Sara Weintraub

“Very satisfied with the job, the workers were on time and very professional.”

Jennifer Fox

“The crew were artists with how they handled our trees. I don’t think they’ve ever looked this great”

John Krolick
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