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Tree Trimming Champaign IL

The three main benefits our company focuses on for tree pruning in Champaign are for the tree’s health, aesthetics, and safety. Sometimes the most affordable treatment for a sick tree is to strategically trim affected branches and limbs. The tree’s crown may also need to be trimmed in order to improve the airflow, which improves the tree’s longterm health. Branches that overlap or touch each other should also be cut in order to prevent them from falling and potentially causing damage or harm.

Tree trimming is not only important for the health of your tree, it is also essential for the safety of those around it. Branches that are dead or damaged can fall unexpectedly, which can lead to serious consequences. It is also a good idea to call our services in the anticipation of strong storms or harsh weather incidents. We can trim your trees that may be growing invasively in areas you don’t want them to. If branches are growing low and impairing your field of view while driving, you should call us right away. Also, it is best to cut branches before they grow too close to utility lines and cause terrible damage.

The aesthetics of your property are also important in regards to the shape of your tree. We are able to cut your trees in a way that maintains the trees health, but also brings a new style to your property. Inexperienced tree trimmers will cut your trees in an unnatural way and deteriorate your tree’s longterm health. Our arborists are the best tree pruners Champaign can offer, and well versed in methods tailored to each individual tree species.

Calling our tree pruning service as soon as possible may save you money in the long run. We can take care of issues in your trees before they require more serious treatments (and more serious payment).

The Best Times for Tree Trimmers in Champaign IL

For the most part, tree trimming in Champaign for dead or small branches can be done year round. But you should be aware of the best times for bigger jobs.

Trimming and pruning is most commonly practiced during Winter. This is when the tree is dormant and its growth is temporarily stopped.

Summer trimming and pruning is utilized to remove the branches you don’t want and direct the growth of the tree. This is best done as soon as seasonal growth has stopped. Another common reason to trim during Summer is to correct the tree’s projected growth. Crossing, touching, low or dead branches can be seen easier and corrected accordingly.

Early Fall trimming and pruning should be avoided. During this time, the tree heals slower and spores from fungi are most prevalent.

Blooming trees in Spring should be pruned when their flowers fade. Trees that bloom in mid – to late summer should be trimmed or pruned in winter or early spring.

The five main options for tree trimming in Champaign IL are dead pruning, crown thinning, crown lifting, crown reduction, and pollarding. 

Dead Pruning Champaign IL 

Dead pruning involves removing dead, dying, damaged or diseased branches. These branches cannot fight off infections since their cells are dead or weak, so they are at risk to being infected by diseases or harmful insects. Removing these vulnerable branches removes the entry ways for those invasive threats. If the weak point is not removed, these invasive threats will spread and cause problems for the entire tree. A branch is dead when all the cells are dead and not to be confused with dormancy. During Winter, the branches are in a form of hibernation called dormancy and will possibly appear dead. This is why you need experienced tree inspectors to avoid unnecessary charges from faulty examinations. Dead or dying branches can be identified by leaves presence or absence out of season, little presence of buds on the nodes, hollow wood, missing or peeling bark, and dry or brittle inner bark. Damaged branches are a lurking danger because they can have all their leaves and function like a healthy branch. The problem is internal or external damage will harm the tree as time goes on. Examples of damaged branches include: impact on the tree that exposes the bark and stems that have been bent too far. Disease can come in the form of fungi viruses or insects. 

Crown Thinning Champaign IL

Crown thinning is when we prune the weaker branches. We will open up the canopy which increases airflow and the amount of light reaching the tree. This process usually involves removing the outer/upper branches. This practice is commonly utilized for lightening the weight of limbs and reducing risk of breakage. It is also a good way to combat heavy layers of snow forming on trees which can lead to serious damage. It is important to note that if an inexperienced arborists takes up this task, they may actually weaken the structural integrity of the tree. This is why you should only trust our company to provide tree care in Champaign IL. Armed with years of practice behind us, our arborists are sure to give a quality job.

Crown Lifting Champaign IL

Crown lifting is primarily for younger trees to contain the reach of their lower branches. This is to prevent them from encroaching in unwanted areas in your property.

Crown Reduction Champaign IL

Crown reduction is when an arborists cuts some of of the large branches into smaller branches that are located higher up on the tree. This is to reduce the height of the tree. The main goal of crown reduction is to preserve the main branch. Crown reduction is one of the more delicate procedures. Call today and ask our inspectors to do an in depth investigation to see if this is the best course of action.

Pollarding Champaign IL

 Pollarding is a form of pruning that completely removes the upper branches of a tree for an increased density of foliage and branches. This method was even practiced during medieval times in Europe. The purpose of pollarding is to extend the tree’s life while keeping them in a partially juvenile state.


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